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Please note the following for bookings:

As previously mentioned things are not going to be able to be the same as they used to be, for numerous reasons. Sorry.

One of those is Bookings.

Bookings now MUST be made please via FB message or email,

We are unable to accept telephone or face to face bookings anymore.
This is because a) the office will not be manned – it is in effect closed – it just provides US with access to the tack room.
And b) we only want one member of staff responsible for bookings so there is no overlapping of bookings and therefore hopefully no errors – however I’m not infallible!!! I’m human and we are all prone to err. Apologies in advance.

I only want to book one week in advance as a) I think I can control it better – and not get in a pickle…
And b) this is only a provisional timetable so is due to change when we can accept other riders, but as of yet we don’t know when that is likely to be…

I appreciate this may not suit everybody and for that I apologise but it is how I think it will work best. 

Bookings always have been on a ‘first come first served’ basis so that hasn’t changed.

Once you have had your ride then you are eligible to contact us for re-booking in either of the methods mentioned above.

Please remember it is not our fault we can only accept SIX in a group class at present – these are the guidelines set out.

If the interest is there we can always look at adding another class – so hopefully nobody should miss out.

And remember, the weather can be unpredictable so where necessary please dress and prepare for wet weather riding!

Other than that we look forward to seeing many of you again and getting our horses’ waistlines back again. 

We really hope we can accept many of the enquiries we have had from novices, beginners and new customers soon.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and for all being so lovely and supportive.

Covid-19 Update

We have made temporary arrangements for our customers and staff to be as safe as possible at all times whilst complying with both Government and BHS guidelines.

We have re-opened with a provisional timetable effective from Friday 03 July 2020.

At present we are now open three-and-a-half days a week – Thursday afternoons, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as long as we are able to and the current circumstances allow us to. When it is viable to do so we shall add more days.

The timetable may be cancelled or altered at short notice due to the constantly evolving situation.

Currently we are only able to offer either a Group lesson or a 45 minute Private lesson.
Group lessons are able to be in small groups of no more than 6 : 1 instructor.

These are only available to completely independent existing riders with us.

This is due to us having to minimize any risk as much as is possible so with that in mind neither are we able to offer jumping lessons nor will there be any riding without stirrups.

Unfortunately we are unable to help novice riders, beginners, lead rein lessons, lunge lessons or new customers quite yet. These will all be phased in at a later date, hopefully not too far away.

Lessons will operate with staggered start and finish times.

All lessons also need to be outdoors – we are not permitted to teach inside yet.

There will be a one-way system in operation for pedestrians entering and exiting.
Entrance will be from the bottom of the car park and exit will be by the yard gate.

Please don’t attend if you or a member of your household develop symptoms of the coronavirus and feel unwell

Please park vehicles with a sensible space between you

Please remain in your vehicle if you are early

Please maintain social distancing at all times

Please wash your hands upon arrival and again before leaving

Please wear gloves at all times

Please note: We can no longer loan hats/boots

Please follow all instructions from your instructor

Only 1 ‘spectator’ is permitted with a junior rider

If there is an accident / incident then everybody’s safety comes first.

As much as is reasonably possible maintain social distancing but not if it would be unsafe to do so.

Allow staff to provide first-aid if necessary but should anyone else be involved in assisting please make sure that everybody concerned follows strict hygiene regulations afterwards including hand washing and safe disposal of any items that might have been used.

Please note that at this time communication is preferred either by

Email <>

or Facebook messenger.

The telephone will not be manned – so please do not leave us messages

We will not yet have our full complement of staff back working with us so it may not be possible to request a specific instructor.

Payments are now expected 48hrs in advance of your lesson and need to be online and contactless. If this is not possible please let us know and we will see what we can work out for you.
If you need to re-arrange then please do so up to 24hrs before your lesson time then you may defer the charge to your next lesson but if you do not turn up or neglect to give the 24hrs notice then you forfeit this payment.


Group £35.00
45 Minute Private £40.00

We have tried to streamline and simplify our pricing structure.

If only 1 rider books on a group lesson it will become a 45 minute private lesson and be charged accordingly.

Group lessons will remain one hour in length. The time is calculated from when you collect your horse to when you return your horse to the stable. We now need to be strict with time keeping to try and help minimize contact with other customers. Please also be prepared that some classes may be a mix of adults and children as everyone riding at present should all be the same standard.

Currently there will be NO weekend surcharge.

We are still offering our loyalty cards but are opening it up across ALL lessons (groups AND privates) – collect 5 stamps and receive £10 off your next lesson.

If there is an accident / incident then everybody’s safety comes first.

As much as is reasonably possible maintain social distancing but not if it would be unsafe to do so.

Allow staff to provide first-aid if necessary but should anyone else be involved in assisting please make sure that everybody concerned follows strict hygiene regulations afterwards including hand washing and safe disposal of any items that might have been used.

Thank you all for the support you have shown us during this unusual time. We are very much looking forward to re-opening and will be pleased to see you all again – the horses definitely need to get back to work!

Karen, Emma & all the Widbrook team



Please note: Cancellation  or re-arrangement is free if notified up to 24 hrs before your lesson. Thereafter the full fee is due. Please do not embarrass our staff by asking for an exception.


All instructors are B.H.S. qualified or N.V.Q or are training
To maintain continuity we aim to keep the same instructor to classes but occasionally this isn’t possible due to holidays or sick leave
We aim to keep to a maximum of 8 riders in the 1hr group class and 6 riders in the beginners’ lesson
We have a wide range of horses and ponies chosen for their suitability and temperament
Occasionally it is necessary to move an individual into a different class to maintain a level in a group
Generally adults, teenagers, children and tiny tots are divided into different groups
We aim to give riding lessons in a relaxed, fun and friendly yet professional manner


* When starting it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on expensive gear but it is still important to be as safe as possible, until you feel you can invest in your own riding equipment. With this in mind we are able to loan you a riding hat, this is the most important piece of equipment. As soon as possible it is worth getting your own and having it professionally fitted by a reputable tack shop. (Please see links below).
Customers must wear an approved current safety standard riding helmet at all times whilst mounted and when handling horses/ponies.

* This would be followed by footwear. Safe footwear is compulsory. Please comply or you will be unable to ride for your own safety. Long riding boots or jodhpur boots with chaps are preferred but the new rider may wear any sturdy shoe that has a small, broad heel with a smooth sole or Wellington boot.  Unfortunately we are not able to supply footwear for you to borrow.

* Jodhpurs are preferred and recommended but any stretch trouser (ie, leggings) will suffice to start with. Jeans are not great as they will chafe and do not give.

* Riding gloves are recommended also to avoid chafing – and in the winter for obvious reasons but they do need to be designed for riding as otherwise can be too bulky or too slippery.

* Body protectors are currently optional but we do recommend new riders start wearing them as soon as possible and the more experienced rider wears them for jumping lessons. Again they need to be of the current approved safety standard and should be fitted by a reputable tack shop.

* Necklaces, dangly ear-rings, bracelets and protruding rings must not be worn as could cause injury.

* Any long hair MUST be tied back or secured in a hairnet.

* Should you need to wear glasses please secure with a sports strap.